Home Renovation Maple Ridge: Should You Hire A Home Renovation Contractor?

The Bank of Montreal predicts that the home renovation industry will spend 45 billion dollars in the coming year. Within that $45 billion, Statistics Canada presumes two-thirds of that will be spent on the ever so popular “do it yourself” projects. With all the information out there for the DIY projects, such as the home and garden network and the quick tutorials at places like Home Depot and Rona, the question remains. Do you hire a contractor or do it yourself?

Do you save money with do-it-yourself home renovation projects?

home renovations vancouverThe main reason that Canadians seem to go with the DIY projects is to save money. By doing the venture yourself, you automatically cut the expense of labor, which in turn should save you money, but does it? Any home upgrade can be a stressful and lengthy process. How long is that project going to take you compared to a contractor? Do you have the necessary equipment and permits to complete the job at hand? What happens if you’re injured while working on your project? These are questions that need to be considered when discussing to hire or not to hire.

Another factor to consider before you start your DIY project is done you have the know-how to be tackling such a chore. You wouldn’t try to fix an engine problem with your vehicle without consulting an expert, yet most of us dive into a renovation project without a second thought. Would you know what to look for in a bathroom renovation for possible water damage? Many of us don’t and end up not fixing the problem correctly if it is noticed or worse covering it up completely, causing long-term damage to our homes as well our investment.

Consider the factors before taking on a DIY home renovation

So before you decide to take on that home renovation project by yourself, stop and think about all the factors that need to be considered. In the long run by hiring a home renovation contractor in the Greater Vancouver area such as Caliber West, you as a consumer will have peace of mind knowing that the process is as stress-free as possible and that your investment is being handled with skill. Is that not worth something?

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