Considerations before starting a home renovation project

vancouver-home-renovation-225x300Whether you are embarking on a home renovation or you have hired a contractor to carry out the project for you, there are some things as the homeowner that you should be keeping in mind. Building new construction and tackling a home renovation are entirely different processes and it is these differences and complications that you need to be aware of before you initiate a remodeling whether or not it is a DIY project or you have hired a contractor.


One difference that homeowners need to be aware of is the fact that new construction and renovation construction has a different set of standards. Further development is typically built to the minimum requirements from the ground up with generally minimal issues. While renovating an existing property usually has to be brought up to the current building codes which can create many issues and added labor to that project.

Another factor to consider is when building new construction, everything the builders need is laid out in front of them, whereas renovating an existing dwelling, the contractor or DIY homeowner has no idea what is behind those walls or under that floor. For example, when doing a bathroom renovation, contractors need to replace the subfloor due to moisture build-up which in turn damages the stability of the floor as well as may create a mold issue. Until the old level is brought up, however, it is near impossible to determine this.

Can you do the home renovations yourself or should you hire a contractor?

So when deciding to complete a home renovation, homeowners need to consider the following. If you are going to do it yourself, are you capable of handling those unforeseen issues and fixing the root of the problem with your know how? Secondly, if you’re hiring a contractor, does that company have experience with new construction or home renovations? The last factor to consider is, do you have a flexible budget so that you can financially fix these unforeseen issues that may arise and still get your dream renovation?

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