15 Helpful Bathroom Remodeling Tips To Know Before Renovating

As a homeowner, you need to gather a lot of information about bathroom renovations if you are planning to undertake such a massive project. This knowledge enables you to make the right decisions about materials to buy, their cost, the labor required and overall budget. This information can help you estimate the amount of time is necessary for the remodeling process to be complete to avoid any inconveniences in your home.

Here are 15 bathroom remodeling tips you need to know:

1. Consider the bathroom remodeling cost

Before you commence the project; you need to have estimates of the total cost to avoid spending more than you planned or having to halt your project. The expenses of bathroom renovation can be determined by the size of your bathroom, the quality of materials you need to remodel the bathroom and labor. If you require the hiring of work, you can take into account the cost of hiring a handyman and vice versa. You can have basic, mid to upper range and luxurious bathroom remodels which will all have different prices.

2. Hide the toilet

It is advisable to avoid making your toilet the first thing to be seen when someone opens the door. This is because the bathroom door can be left open from time to time making your shower the first thing you or your guest will see. If you don’t have any ideas, you can inquire opinions and options from an experienced bathroom designer. You will have several options to choose from your expert.

3. Consider leaving vintage finishes intact

The main aim of a bathroom renovation is to make it look new and fresh. Hence, you are advised to avoid removing vintage finishes if they are going to cost you more in labor to avoid altering your planned budget. In some homes, wall tiles were installed with a wire lath or several coats of concrete, and if you are to remove them, you may end up requiring more time and money. However, if you are planning to transfer yours, consult a tile specialist.

4. Plan a lighting scheme

Involve a lighting designer to have your bathroom well-lit to maximize its space and make it beautiful. There are several bathroom lighting options, and you can choose depending on functionality, cost, preferences, and choice.

5. Understand standard bathroom dimensions

While researching about bathroom renovations, knowing about basic standard bathroom dimensions, e.g., the size of a standard bathtub, bathroom vanity, and space toilet can help you plan your renovation efficiently. You will need an understanding of the amount of space required and how much you will have left after the restoration.

6. Plan the right height for your sink

Although countertops range between 32 and 34 inches off the floor, you need to have the right height for your sink for easy brushing or washing your hands. You will, therefore, need to consider how the pan will vary from the counter’s top height to make the right decision. To make this decision, you will also need to find your height for easy accessibility.

7. Consider having a corner sink

If you have a small bathroom, you can have your tub in one of the corners to free up some space. The decision of putting your pan at an angle can also be determined by how your entry or shower doors swing open. The sink may be hindering natural movement in your bathroom and since you cannot remove the doors, moving the sink to a corner is the ideal choice.

8. Consider having a tiny tub

You can have a shower and a bathtub in your bathroom. However, if you have a small bathroom, you can get a small bath to economize in the available space. Due to most bathrooms being short, most companies have started manufacturing small bathtubs to meet the needs.

9. Choose the right vanity

Vanity is just for looks and hence you should be very cautious when choosing one. The size, type of material and cost should be your prime factors. A big one may limit your bathroom space while a small one may not meet your requirements. On the other hand, if you pick the wrong material, you may end up having maintenance issues in future. You should, therefore, make a sound decision, and if you don’t know how to do it, you can inquire help from an expert.

10. Get a few high-end materials

Although you want to be economical, spending on a few high-end materials and finishes can make your bathroom look luxurious. Therefore, in addition to primary and affordable materials, you can get the high-end floor and wall coverings to make your bathroom luxurious. You can also add some high-end countertops and bathroom ceiling to improve your bathroom experience.

11. Counter check your file size

Most tiles are sold using European sizes, i.e., millimeters, and the quoted size might include tile and grout while as a homeowner you are unaware. This can affect your plumbing, tile layout and niches because the tiles would not fit because the measurements are wrong. Before buying tiles, make sure that you have the correct measurements to avoid further inconveniences. Alternatively, you can take an expert with you to help you when purchasing.

12. Consider turning your bathtub into a shower

If you have a bathtub and you rarely take baths, you need to convert it into a shower to maximize your space. In fact, it is very cost effective because you won’t have to reroute your plumbing system. A shower economizes on the area, and if you have a small bathroom, it is the better option.

13. Install a toilet yourself

Most homeowners have experienced toilet problems and are usually encountered in installing toilet fixtures. Since installing toilet can increase the cost of bathroom remodeling, you can opt to do it yourself to cut the costs. It takes just an hour and involves necessary skills which most homeowners have acquired over the years.

14. Dry out your bathroom

Mold and mildew growth is facilitated by moisture. Hence, if you want to reduce mold and mildew growth in your bathroom, you need to dry your bathroom. You can promote moisture removal in your bathroom bay having operable windows and a fan. A bathroom window which can be opened and closed facilitates circulation of air and consequently reduce moisture (humidity) in the bathroom. On the other hand, a fan that vents to the outside and not to the attic will facilitate moisture removal.

15. Plan on how the hardwood meets your tile floor

Most likely, your bathroom will have a tile floor while the adjacent room or the hallway will have a different material, e.g., hardwood. You should, therefore, plan how these two elements will meet because their transition requires a lot of skills. As a homeowner, effective planning before the project starts will make your bathroom remodeling a success.

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Canadian Renovation Boom: Why People Are Renovating Their Homes.

Many homeowners affected by the housing bubble in Canada have decided to renovate their homes instead of buying a new one. This has led to enormous growth in the home reno industry. However, CIBC has conducted a further study which suggests that most Canadians are improving their homes through landscaping and other outdoor renovations which do not add much value to their homes. The study shows that most Canadians do not move because they cannot afford to upgrade to a larger home.

The shift of renovations from indoors to outdoors is also an indication that many people in Canada have spent a lot of money renovating their living spaces and have not turned their attention outside. Most homeowners focus on restoring the interior of their houses because they need to increase the value of the house and improve their living conditions. When they renovate exterior structures, e.g., the roof and the walls, they start restoring their landscape to make their homes attractive. According to the Altus Group, Canadians spent about $70.1 billion on renovations, and the cost could rise over the years.

According to a survey conducted by Angus Reid between May 19 and 25, 2016, about 2,129 people (54% of the respondents) online were asking about renovations plans. Most of these people were looking for necessary maintenance projects. When the same survey was conducted back in 2015, the total respondents were about 55% which was a higher figure. Landscaping had about 42% respondents in 2016 unlike 25% in 2015. It is therefore evident that most people are jumping into the garden after they are done renovating their house’s interior. Landscaping, patio and deck renovations are very common, and it is an indication that most homeowners have turned their attention outside.

A CIBC survey backs the Angus Reid survey. CIBC reported that an average renovation project in 2016 costs about $13,017 while in 2015 it cost about $12,293. This is an indication that demand has increased, making the renovation cost to rise. The survey further reported that only 33% of the respondents were renovating their bathrooms in 2016 unlike in 2015 where 40% of the interviewees were renovating their bathrooms. This further shows that most people have already renewed their bathrooms, kitchens, ceiling, floor, and walls in their homes. Since most of the people renovating their homes today are not doing it as an investment, their renovations are therefore focused on making their lives better rather than overall return. The current renovation market is mainly driven by housing prices.

Ideally, there are very few detached homes for sale in Toronto, and this has increased the demand and the price of buying a home in Canada. If you cannot afford these homes, the only option is to renovate the one you live in. For instance, in Alberta, the renovation cost of an average project has risen from $13,520 in 2015 to $22,951 in 2016 making it have the highest value of renovating a home.

However, in British Columbia, an average renovation project had dropped to $15,522 in 2016 right from $16,639. This shows that location may determine how much you pay for a renovation. This could be due to the availability of materials, homes and living standards. In Alberta, there are very few detached homes for sale, and hence, most people will have to renovate the ones they own. This translates to a rise in renovation costs in such areas.

Real estate boards in both Toronto and Vancouver have cited that there are very few homes on the market. In fact, in May 2016, the prices of detached houses in Metro Vancouver rose with about 36.9% costing $1,523,800 when compared to 2015. On the other hand, in Greater Toronto area, home prices rose by approximately 18.9% to cost $986,691 during the same period. When demand increases and there is a limited supply, the prices of commodities increases.

With the current house market, most people are not selling their homes because of the risk and uncertainty involved in buying a new one. Hence, most homeowners are worried about selling their homes, pay land transfer tax, pay commission and incur the cost of moving to another home which may not be better than the one they own. A home renovation design is the better option for most people, and hence market prices of houses continue to rise.

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Helpful tips to avoid home renovation mistakes

vancouver-home-renovation1-300x225In a home renovation, there is always an endless amount of choices to look at, decisions to be made and the countless number of problems that can arise. Before you begin, whether it is your first home renovation or just the next project on the list, here are some helpful tips for mistakes to avoid.


Whatever your reason is for tackling such a home renovation project, make sure you are clear on what the reasoning behind the design is. For example, if you are planning a kitchen renovation because you are unable to utilize the space to its fullest potential, make sure you spend the time in planning and researching the new layout so that it meets your needs and expectations instead of jumping straight into flooring and hardware choices.

When planning and researching your home renovation project, take note of the cost of the products that you want to have installed. By doing this, you the homeowner will be able to have an estimated cost of the materials for the project, therefore giving you a better idea of what the project could end up costing. Having an unrealistic budget for the scope of work needing to be completed, is one of the most common mistakes homeowners endure. By not having the necessary funds to complete the projected work, homeowners are often forced into purchasing cheap materials to stay within the budget and end up not being fully satisfied with the final results.

Make sure your home renovation is budgeted properly

So before you begin your home renovation journey, do your due diligence. Make sure you research designs, trends, and products so that you have a bright idea of what you want to come out of the project. Also, make sure you research not only the contractor but the procedures as well so that you are more aware of what the project may entail. Lastly, make sure that financially you’re able to undergo such a project. Like any other big purchases that we may make in our lives, it has to be budgeted for.

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Is it time to consider a kitchen renovation in Maple Ridge?

Kitchens are a vital part of any home. At any given moment there is at least one person within the family utilizing your home’s kitchen. Now ask yourself…is it time for a new one? With the kitchen being the heartbeat of the home, homeowners who are considering home renovations, need to be looking at the efficiency and date of their ever so significant room for a kitchen renovation in Maple Ridge.

vancouver kitchen renovationsCarefully plan your kitchen renovation

Kitchen renovations are as many knows, always a good investment; however, without careful planning, a positive renovation can quickly turn into an unexpected money pit. Before one starts kitchen renovation ideas, it is a good idea to sit in your current kitchen and make a list of things that are negative or not being utilized to their fullest potential. Next, do some research. A kitchen renovation is a big project with lots to factor. Make sure you’re aware of all the costs and the details. For example the many different types of counters; granite, marble, tiles, wood, etc. Depending on what product you chose, this can and will significantly affect your material and labor costs.

Design your kitchen renovation for the future

Another aspect to consider when deciding on your kitchen renovation designs. Not only is it important in the layout of your kitchen, but it is also essential in what colors and trends you decide to go with. Don’t go with colors and a design scheme that is brand new to this year. Instead, incorporate pieces of that trend with a trend that has been around for awhile. That way when your kitchen renovation is complete you’ll have a brand new kitchen for today, but one that will last longer than a year for trends.

Once these things have come into place, you’ll have a clear image of what you’re expecting out of your kitchen renovation, which will make a smoother transition from old to new.

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