Caliber West Renovations is now installing closets!

n1In case you haven’t seen us announce it on our Facebook Page, Caliber West Renovations is now installing closets! We recently acquired another local company, Budget Closets. With this acquisition, we will now be offering installation and design of closet organizers and walk in closets. A well-organized and stylish closet looks great in a modern home. We design closet systems that are fully adjustable to help you utilize every inch of storage space. We will be offering competitive pricing without compromising the integrity of the closet. We offer the following closet systems:
  • Walk in Closet Systems
  • Reach in Closet Systems
  • Garage Closet Organizer
  • Linen Closets
  • Laundry Closet Organizer
Interested in getting an estimate? Our Design Consultant will be happy to guide you to maximize your home’s storage space potential. The consultant will meet with you at your home to study your space and learn about your needs. We will create design sketches and show you different options for your space. We’ll also discuss material choices, colour preferences, accessory needs and special requests you may have. This allows you to see what you are getting before you buy. n6Every element we design will perfectly fit for your particular space and reflect your personal lifestyle. Once the designs are finalized and approved, along with a formal quote, production of your closet system will begin. Prior to the installation, you will be contacted to confirm the appointment. The installation process is both simple and clean. The professional installer will arrange your new storage system within a few hours with minimal disruption to your home and your life. We guarantee that our closet systems will be defect free in materials and workmanship or we will replace the items free of charge. Call us for an estimate today, and like us on Facebook for more closet news! Check out a couple of our finished projects below:

closet 1

closet 2

artificial grass vancouver bc

Caliber West is now offering artificial grass installation!

We would like to let everyone know… we now offer artificial grass installation! Caliber West has been offering landscaping services for some time now, but we recently decided to start carrying artificial grass. This was in response to the water restrictions we saw here in the lower mainland, which left a lot of people with yellow lawns. Artificial grass completely solves that problem- plus, maintenance is a breeze. Less work and it looks better too… we hope you’ll agree that the benefits are amazing! Contact us for a consultation today! And we’ll just leave this here, from our friends at Houzz…

Kitchen Design Trends for 2014

hidden-kitchen-appliancesFor 2014, there is a lot of variety in kitchen design, styles and trends for renovating your Greater Vancouver home, so you are sure to find something you like that’s also in style. Whether you are looking for a quick update or a complete overhaul with a new design, you will definitely love these ideas.


Hideaway Appliances

Those who’ve their finger near the pulse of stylish trends, most probably know that stainless-steel appliances and devices are the new ‘must’. However, what one may not know is that much more unusual gadgets are going to be the main topic on 2014 design trends. A significant 2014 trend is hidden devices. This goes one step beyond the cabinet materials camouflage and means a greater focus on small or peculiar shaped appliances, like mini-fridges, and other stream-lined appliances (from wine-coolers to trash compactors) that will offer more counter-top space and keep your kitchen area at a smooth waist-high level, and so are ideal for installing right into a kitchen isle.

Featuring Lighting

While lighting in a kitchen area was previously a bit of a second thought, well-planned lighting is holding it’s own as a unique design element. With open plan and large kitchens becoming a fashion, it is possible to set up an attractive and warm space that brings practical aspects of space into consideration. Now, tasks and lighting are both important in the cooking area. LED-lights are also trending for 2014, so why wouldn’t you incorporate soft, kick-board and under-the-cabinet LED lighting in to your design?


kitchen-backsplash-ideas-300x199Backsplashes, especially behind the hob, are turning out to be a very popular trend for 2014. Back-coated glass is fantastic for putting in a splash of color to a contemporary kitchen, and it’ll reflect gentle, LED lights, setting up a bit of ambiance. The design of a single glass-sheet can also be swapped out by glass mosaic tiles for an easy, quick, and low-cost DIY-project that will renew your kitchen area for the Newyear. Some other common choices include using sintered porcelain or quartz cladding, either masking the whole wall section between the upper and lower cabinets, or simply at the rear of the hob.

Go Eco-Friendly

Likewise, the ‘Green Movement’ is not going anywhere, and 2014 trends echo this in nearly every way. Primary materials and products will be even more eco-friendly (such as bamboo floors), and even appliances will need to have an ‘EnergyStar’ rating or additional energy-efficient benefits. The more substantial the remodelling, the more essential it’s that it gets done properly, because it will save on the start-up (by means of government subsidies) as well as in the future (as lower energy bills).

Super Classy Sinks

Often unnoticed but never to be ignored, your sink will be a center point for the 2014 trends, particularly if you’re looking to do smaller face-lift rather than a total upgrade. Continually, popular stainless-steel sinks are going to find their zenith once again in 2014 for their style, long-lasting structure and low maintenance. However, if you’re interested in something a bit more conventional and less modern, consider stone composite sinks, copper sinks or even clay farmhouse sinks that will enhance the eco-friendliness of your kitchen and provide a non-porous, smooth sink that will not show damage.

We can help with your kitchen renovations

Remodelling and renovating any part of your home, yourself can be a pain. Talk to the professionals at Caliber West Renovations top have your kitchen remodelled or whole home renovations.

Langley Home Expo

For all of those who are interested in attending the Langley Home Show Expo, follow the link below for more information regarding what is to be expected. Make sure to check out Caliber West Renovations in booths 18 and 19! Can’t wait to see everyone there!! Home Improvement Experts at Preston Centre

Big Thanks!

Caliber West Renovations would like to thank all those who attended and supported local businesses at the Tri City Home Expo April 13 to April 15. The show was a huge success!! We are looking forward to the next home expo in Langley April 27 to April 29 at the George Preston Rec Center. Hope to see you all there!

Helpful tips to avoid home renovation mistakes

vancouver-home-renovation1-300x225In a home renovation, there is always an endless amount of choices to look at, decisions to be made and countless number of problems that can arise. Before you begin, whether it is your first home renovation or just the next project on the list, here are some helpful tips for mistakes to avoid.


Vancouver Home RenovationWhatever your reason is for tackling such a home renovation project, make sure you are clear on what the reasoning behind the design is. For example if you are planning a kitchen renovation due to the fact that you are unable to utilize the space to its fullest potential, make sure you spend the time in planning and researching the new layout so that it meets your needs and expectations instead of jumping straight into flooring and hardware choices. When planning and researching your home renovation project, take note of the cost for the products that you want to have installed. By doing this, you the homeowner will be able to have an estimated cost of the materials for the project, therefore giving you a better idea of what the project could end up costing. Having an unrealistic budget for the scope of work needing to be completed, is one of the most common mistakes homeowners endure. By not having the necessary funds to complete the projected work, homeowners are often forced into purchasing cheap materials to stay within the budget and end up not being fully satisfied with the final results.

Make sure your home renovation is budgeted properly

So before you begin on your home renovation journey, do your due diligence. Make sure you research designs, trends and products so that you have a clear idea of what you want to come out of the project. Also make sure you research not only the contractor but the procedures as well so that you are more aware of what the project may entail. Lastly, make sure that financially you’re able to undergo such a project. Like any other big purchases that we may make in our lives, it has to be budgeted for. If you need a professional and affordable solution for your Greater Vancouver Home Renovation, contact Caliber West Renovations to help you with your project. For more tips on mistakes to avoid: Full story from The Citizen: Homes and property renovation mistakes you should avoid

Considerations before starting a home renovation project

vancouver-home-renovation-225x300Whether you are embarking on a home renovation or you have hired a contractor to carry out the project for you, there are some things as the homeowner that you should be keeping in mind. Building new construction and tackling a home renovation are completely different processes and it is these differences and complications that you need to be aware of before you initiate a renovation whether or not it is a DIY project or you have hired a contractor.


One difference that homeowners need to be aware of is the fact that new construction and renovation construction have a different set of standards. New construction is typically built at the minimum standards from the ground up with generally very little issues. While renovating an existing property usually has to be brought up to the current building codes which can create many issues and added labour on that project. Another factor to consider is when building new construction, everything the builders need is laid out in front of them, where as renovating an existing dwelling, the contractor or DIY homeowner has no idea what is behind those walls or under that floor. For example when doing a bathroom renovation, contractors generally need to replace the sub floor due to moisture build up which in turn damages the stability of the floor as well as may create a mold issue. Until the old floor is brought up however, it is near impossible to determine this.

Can you do the home renovations yourself or should you hire a contractor?

So when deciding to complete a home renovation, homeowners need to consider the following. If you are going to do it yourself, are you capable of handling those unforeseen issues and fixing the root of the problem with your know how? Secondly if you’re hiring a contractor, does that company have experience with new construction or home renovations? The last factor to consider is do you have a flexible budget so that you are able to financially fix these unforeseen issues that may arise and still get your dream renovation? Still have questions? Contact Caliber West Renovations for help with your Greater Vancouver home renovation project. Full story – Renovating vs. building

How is your homes air quality? Get a home renovation contractor to help

home-renovation-vancouver-furnace-222x300As most of the province has been hit with either snow storms or temperature drops, it’s safe to say that winter has arrived for most of us. What typically happens when Mother Nature rears its ugly winter head is that most of us tend to spend more times indoors and our furnaces end up doing most of the work. Now that, that wonderful time of year has come around again, how are your home and your health managing? Ask a home renovation contractor how to improve your home's heating and ventilation.

Consider a home renovation to help your home weather the cold

With winter here again and the majority of us indoors and protected from the frigid outside temperatures, there are some things that we can be looking at to make sure our homes are managing this weather to the best of its ability. First and foremost, look into the air quality of your home. Air essentially is something that we depend on and the quality of that air can greatly affect our health and our homes.  By having a clean heating system within the home, it will allow for better air quality and prevention of some bigger issues that may arise further down the road from lack of.

A home renovation can improve the efficiency of your windows and doors

Home owners also need to make sure that their current heating system is cut out for the winter ahead.  Have your furnace maintained and make sure that it is able to produce the amount of heat for the size of home you have. Another factor to consider is the homes doors and windows. Having inefficient windows or doors within the home will only add these issues and should possibly be replaced when considering a home renovation. A homes air and heating system can be quite costly to maintain and or upgrade, but if left, it may also cause more noticeable and health hazards later down the line which will cost even more to repair. Contact Caliber West Renovations for a home renovation to help improve the air quality in your home. For more tips on you homes heating system: Mike Holmes: Take a really good deep breath of your indoor air — how is it? - National Post

Home Renovation Maple Ridge: Should You Hire A Home Renovation Contractor?

The Bank of Montreal predicts that the home renovation industry will spend $45 billion dollars in the coming year. Within that $45 billion, Statistics Canada presumes two-thirds of that will be spent on the ever so popular “do it yourself” projects. With all the information out there for the DIY projects, such as the home and garden network and the quick tutorials at places like Home Depot and Rona, the question still remains. Do you hire a contractor or do it yourself?

Do you really save money with do-it-yourself home renovation projects?

home renovations vancouverThe main reason that Canadians seem to go with the DIY projects, is to save money. By doing the venture yourself, you automatically cut the expense of labour, which in turn should save you money, but does it? Any home upgrade can be a stressful and lengthy process. How long is that project going to take you compared to a contractor? Do you have the necessary equipment and permits to complete the job at hand? What happens if you’re injured while working on your project? These are questions that need to be considered when discussing to hire or not to hire. Another factor to consider before you start your DIY project is do you have the knowhow to be tackling such a chore. You wouldn’t try to fix an engine problem with your vehicle without consulting an expert, yet most of us dive into a renovation project without a second thought. Would you know what to look for in a bathroom renovation for possible water damage? Many of us don’t and end up not fixing the problem properly if it is noticed or worse covering it up completely, causing long term damage to our homes as well our investment.

Consider the factors before taking on a DIY home renovation

So before you decide to take on that home renovation project by yourself, stop and think about all the factors that need to be considered. In the long run by hiring a home renovation contractor in the Greater Vancouver area such as Caliber West, you as a consumer will have peace of mind knowing that the process is as stress free as possible and that your investment is being handled with skill. Is that not worth something? Contact Caliber West Renovations to have your home renovation in Maple Ridge done by a professional home renovation contractor. For more ideas on to hire or not: LFP Press - Know your limitations For tips on hiring a home renovation contractor: MSN Money - Home Improvement: 5 steps for hiring a contractor

Is it time to consider a kitchen renovation in Maple Ridge?

Kitchens are a vital part of any home. At any given moment there is at least one person within the family utilizing your homes kitchen. Now ask yourself…is it time for a new one? With the kitchen generally being the heartbeat of the home, homeowners who are considering home renovations, need to be looking at the efficiency and date of their ever so important room for a kitchen renovation in Maple Ridge.

vancouver kitchen renovationsCarefully plan your kitchen renovation

Kitchen renovations are as many know, always a good investment; however without careful planning a positive renovation can quickly turn into an unexpected money pit. Before one starts a kitchen renovation it is a good idea to sit in your current kitchen and make a list of things that are negative or not being utilized to their fullest potential. Next, do some research. A kitchen renovation is a big project with lots to factor. Make sure you’re aware of all the costs and the details. For example the many different types of counters; granite, marble, tiles, wood etc. Depending on what product you chose, this can and will greatly affect you material and labour costs.

Design your kitchen renovation for the future

Another aspect to consider when deciding on your kitchen renovation is design. Not only is it important in the layout of your kitchen, but it is also important in what colours and trends you decide to go with. Don’t go with colours and a design scheme that is brand new to this year. Instead incorporate pieces of that trend with a trend that has been around for awhile. That way when your kitchen renovation is complete you’ll have a brand new kitchen for today, but one that will last longer than a year for trends. Once these things have come into place, you’ll have a clear image of  what you’re expecting out of your kitchen renovation, which will make for a smoother transition from old to new. Contact Caliber West Renovations for a kitchen renovation consultation in Maple Ridge. For more tips:  

Be prepared before starting a home renovation project

There are many reasons that one may want to renovate their home. Some may want to simply update the home; some may want to add value, while others may want to go as far as expanding the current space within the home. Whatever the reasoning is to start a home renovation project, renovators need to be prepared before the hammer drops.

Have a clear plan for your home renovation

vancouver home renovations First homeowners need to have clear plan. Before a home renovation process begins, it is best to sit down and figure out what the expectations of the project are, and how those expectations are going to be carried out. Is it a “do it yourself” project, or one that requires a general contractor? Next homeowners need to decide how practical the project is. Putting in a new bathroom when the roof is leaking might not be the best way to spend the home renovation dollars. Another factor to consider is how the renovation is going to affect the home in the long run. Finally, homeowners need to have a budget in mind. Before starting the project, go window shopping and price out some of the materials required to give an idea of some of the expected costs. If a contractor is hired, labor costs need to be considered, as well as any electrical or plumbing that may need to be addressed. Also be prepared for the “unforeseen”. When doing home renovation projects, especially in bathrooms, homeowners need to be prepared for issues that may arise and have those calculated in the budget. To get more advice and tips on home renovations: Marketwire - Renovating Your Home? Tips to Help You Save Time and Money

Contact Caliber West Renovations to help you plan your Vancouver home renovation project.


What Looks The Same Doesn't Always Work The Same

By Mike Holmes for Postmedia News. Does it make sense to invest in quality? What does 'quality' mean when it comes to a renovation project? Simply put, it comes down to taking the right building materials and using proper methods and skill to turn those materials into a renovation that not just looks good, but lasts a long time too. Sounds easy. But so much effort goes into finding the right contractors and skilled tradesmen to do the right job that the other part of the equation is often overlooked — and that's finding and using quality materials. [read more]

Home Renovation demystified by GVHBA Seminar

The Tri-City News. Homeowners considering renovations can obtain creative ideas from the internet, television, newspapers and magazines, but careful planning is needed to de-mystify the renovation process, said Peter Simpson, President and CEO of the Greater Vancouver Home Builders' Association (GVHBA). To help homeowners make informed decisions, the GVHBA Renovation Council – in partnership with BC Hydro, Canada Mortgage & Housing Corporation and FortisBC – is presenting its popular fall home renovation seminar on Tuesday, Nov. 22 from 7:30 p.m. to 9 p.m. at the Croatian Cultural Centre, 3250 Commercial Dr., Vancouver. More than 300... [read more]

Ten Home Improvement Projects That Add Value

  By Editorial Team. Can't stand your scary, cobwebby basement one more minute? Is it past time to replace the pink-and-aqua tiles and porcelain in the master bath? Maybe you're sick of the curling, chipped vinyl floor, the tacky cabinets, and cramped layout of your kitchen.  Perhaps you're trying to convince your partner that the siding is sad and stucco would be stupendous. But your partner wants to build a deck…[read more].

Upcoming Home Shows.

Make sure to check us out at these upcoming  Home Shows for all your renovation needs!!
  • Tri-cities Spring Home Expo on April 13th, 14th and 15th. Exhibit will be held at the Port Moody Arena located at 300 Ioco Road, Port Moody. FREE TO PUBLIC!
  • Langley Spring Home Expo on April 27th, 28th and 29th. Exhibit will be held at the Langley Events Centre located at 7888-200th Street, Langley.
  • Ridge Meadows Home Show on May 4th, 5th and 6th. Exhibit will be held at Planet Ice at the Maple Ridge Fairgrounds, Maple Ridge.

Efficiency Incentive Program

By LiveSmart BC. Tens of thousands of British Columbians are saving energy and money because of their participation in the LiveSmart BC: Efficiency Incentive Program. You can join your neighbours across B.C. who are saving money and reducing energy use by accessing these incentives. For a complete list of eligilibilty and qualifications please click here.

Is your home inspection out of date?

By Mike Holmes, National Post. If you’ve lived in your home for more than three years, chances are the original home inspection you had done when you first bought the property is out of date. You’ve probably spent a bit of time and money renovating some parts of the house, while others have escaped your to-do list and gone neglected. The bottom line: Things have probably changed and your original inspection is outdated. If you want to know the shape your home is in, you should think about getting a maintenance inspection. It can tell you a lot about the current condition of your home, and also give you an up-to-date schedule of the items that need to be repaired in order to maintain and increase your home’s value...[read more]

Home Renovation Prescription – Don't rush

By Mike Holmes, Postmedia News So, tell the truth now: How many of you found yourselves celebrating the holidays with an unfinished renovation? Your family gathered around a makeshift kitchen, maybe with plywood countertops on cabinet bases? The new dishwasher still in its cardboard wrap — with maybe the fridge in the dining room? A microwave set up on a table, next to the toaster as you looked through storage boxes for dishes to set the table? Festive. And why did this happen? In my experience, in the great majority of cases, it's because you rushed into it. You decided that you wanted to re-do some part of the house, and you needed to, absolutely had to, have it done before the holidays. You broke the No. 1 rule of renovation: Slow down, take your time. Don't say I didn't tell you so. Every year, I get hundreds of these stories — and some are pretty horrific — but they all boil down to the same basic truth: When you rush a renovation, bad things happen. That is especially true if you are rushing to make some deadline — holiday celebrations, a wedding shower, a graduation party; anytime you want to have the house "just perfect" for visitors. Read more: Holmes on Homes: Renovation Rx via the Montreal Gazette Talk to us about timelines and advice for your home renovation project

Home renovation contractor-customer relationship are built on the contract

In the absence of a home renovation written agreement, the presence of grief is much more likely I am willing to bet that you, a family member, friend or neighbour has just completed, is undertaking, or is seriously considering some form of home-improvement project. Although a new home is considered the ultimate "renovation," many homeowners are opting to stay put and give their tired homes much needed makeovers. They value their familiar surroundings, area amenities, scenic vistas or proximity to family. Whatever the reason, they are not moving. The residential renovation industry is one of the key foundation blocks of Metro Vancouver's economy. Consider these impressive statistics for 2010, compiled by Will Dunning Economic Research for the Canadian Home Builders' Association. The data was gleaned from Canada Mortgage and Housing Corp. and Statistics Canada. There will be $3.5 billion in renovation spending, generating 31,000 jobs and $1.6 billion in wages. Further, $860 million in taxes will be collected by the provincial and federal governments. Read more: Contractor-customer relationship are built on the contract via the Vancouver Sun - Peter Simpson Talk to us about a contract for your home renovation project.

Our current projects

Caliber West Renovations has a number of projects currently underway:
  • Plumbing repairs on a building in Pitt Meadows
  • Painting a school for the City of Burnaby
  • Partner in the construction and development of a 10 townhouse complex in Port Moody starting in May 2011.