Kitchen Design Trends for 2014

hidden-kitchen-appliancesFor 2014, there is a lot of variety in kitchen design, styles and trends for renovating your Greater Vancouver home, so you are sure to find something you like that’s also in style. Whether you are looking for a quick update or a complete overhaul with a new design, you will definitely love these ideas.


Hideaway Appliances

Those who’ve their finger near the pulse of stylish trends, most probably know that stainless-steel appliances and devices are the new ‘must’. However, what one may not know is that much more unusual gadgets are going to be the main topic on 2014 design trends. A significant 2014 trend is hidden devices. This goes one step beyond the cabinet materials camouflage and means a greater focus on small or peculiar shaped appliances, like mini-fridges, and other stream-lined appliances (from wine-coolers to trash compactors) that will offer more counter-top space and keep your kitchen area at a smooth waist-high level, and so are ideal for installing right into a kitchen isle.

Featuring Lighting

While lighting in a kitchen area was previously a bit of a second thought, well-planned lighting is holding it’s own as a unique design element. With open plan and large kitchens becoming a fashion, it is possible to set up an attractive and warm space that brings practical aspects of space into consideration. Now, tasks and lighting are both important in the cooking area. LED-lights are also trending for 2014, so why wouldn’t you incorporate soft, kick-board and under-the-cabinet LED lighting in to your design?


kitchen-backsplash-ideas-300x199Backsplashes, especially behind the hob, are turning out to be a very popular trend for 2014. Back-coated glass is fantastic for putting in a splash of color to a contemporary kitchen, and it’ll reflect gentle, LED lights, setting up a bit of ambiance. The design of a single glass-sheet can also be swapped out by glass mosaic tiles for an easy, quick, and low-cost DIY-project that will renew your kitchen area for the Newyear. Some other common choices include using sintered porcelain or quartz cladding, either masking the whole wall section between the upper and lower cabinets, or simply at the rear of the hob.

Go Eco-Friendly

Likewise, the ‘Green Movement’ is not going anywhere, and 2014 trends echo this in nearly every way. Primary materials and products will be even more eco-friendly (such as bamboo floors), and even appliances will need to have an ‘EnergyStar’ rating or additional energy-efficient benefits. The more substantial the remodelling, the more essential it’s that it gets done properly, because it will save on the start-up (by means of government subsidies) as well as in the future (as lower energy bills).

Super Classy Sinks

Often unnoticed but never to be ignored, your sink will be a center point for the 2014 trends, particularly if you’re looking to do smaller face-lift rather than a total upgrade. Continually, popular stainless-steel sinks are going to find their zenith once again in 2014 for their style, long-lasting structure and low maintenance. However, if you’re interested in something a bit more conventional and less modern, consider stone composite sinks, copper sinks or even clay farmhouse sinks that will enhance the eco-friendliness of your kitchen and provide a non-porous, smooth sink that will not show damage.

We can help with your kitchen renovations

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Is it time to consider a kitchen renovation in Maple Ridge?

Kitchens are a vital part of any home. At any given moment there is at least one person within the family utilizing your homes kitchen. Now ask yourself…is it time for a new one? With the kitchen generally being the heartbeat of the home, homeowners who are considering home renovations, need to be looking at the efficiency and date of their ever so important room for a kitchen renovation in Maple Ridge.

vancouver kitchen renovationsCarefully plan your kitchen renovation

Kitchen renovations are as many know, always a good investment; however without careful planning a positive renovation can quickly turn into an unexpected money pit. Before one starts a kitchen renovation it is a good idea to sit in your current kitchen and make a list of things that are negative or not being utilized to their fullest potential. Next, do some research. A kitchen renovation is a big project with lots to factor. Make sure you’re aware of all the costs and the details. For example the many different types of counters; granite, marble, tiles, wood etc. Depending on what product you chose, this can and will greatly affect you material and labour costs.

Design your kitchen renovation for the future

Another aspect to consider when deciding on your kitchen renovation is design. Not only is it important in the layout of your kitchen, but it is also important in what colours and trends you decide to go with. Don’t go with colours and a design scheme that is brand new to this year. Instead incorporate pieces of that trend with a trend that has been around for awhile. That way when your kitchen renovation is complete you’ll have a brand new kitchen for today, but one that will last longer than a year for trends. Once these things have come into place, you’ll have a clear image of  what you’re expecting out of your kitchen renovation, which will make for a smoother transition from old to new. Contact Caliber West Renovations for a kitchen renovation consultation in Maple Ridge. For more tips: